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About Otakuguide

Hi , I am Otakuguide from Japan.
I'm a Geek and I like anime , manga ,video games and so many Japanese Otaku culture. (Let's play video game with me via online , so please contact me.)
My father is also a Geek , so he took me to Akihabara many times in my childhood.
Recently , I especially like Tokyo Ghoul
Of course I like Dragon Ball , Naruto , One piece , Eva. , Sailor moon and so on !!!
What's more , I like BABYMETAL and X JAPAN ( Visual - kei )(Pictures above)

I love Akihabara Otaku Culture and I would like to share deep Akihabara with people all over the world for free!

That is why "Akihabara Genuine Otaku Guide" was born.

Our Otakuguide private guided tour is completely free.

Otakuguide tour is based on user's review and advertisement.

Your Review is our POWER , please advertise Otakuguide Service via Twitter , Instagram and FaceBook!

[Check customers' reviews!]

We make every effort to provide up-to-date information about Akihabara on this website.

If you wanna buy cheaper nice goods from online stores in Japan , please check this page.--->[Goods order Service]
(anime figures , video games , cosplay costumes ...etc.)
CEO profile

Akihabara Genuine Otaku Guide profile picture

I was engaged on some collaborative projects like dorinku.ca .
I chose and exported anime figures from Akihabara to Edmonton Canada
after that I arranged them. (cf. Global News )

naruto figures I sent to dorinku.ca
dorinku figures Akihabara Genuine Otaku Guide Tour
dorinku figures2 Akihabara Genuine Otaku Guide Tour

So please ask any question about Japanese Otaku culture and business.

I graduated from a university of medicine.
I have a M.D. license in Japan and worked as a Medical Doctor.
So, I recognize cautions with religion ,allergies ,vegan diets and vegetarian diets.
Japanese food is not labeled in English , please be careful and ask anything you want to know.

My father was good at assembling plastic models. (He liked ThunderBirds)

The reason why I became a doctor is that my father died of liver cancer when I was 15 years old.
At that time I decided to be a Medical Doctor and help patients who struggle with cancer.
However I quit working as a Medical doctor.
Why did I quit the job?
Because  since I was a kid , I wanted to start a venture and challenge the world.
Moreover I would like to help people all over the world.
I think my venture is another kind of helping people.
I hope I am helping people all over the world.
Now I do online Japanese Language teacher.

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Are you interested in ? Please fill CONTACT form or give me a Direct
Message via Twitter , Facebook or LINE.

We are really happy to take you to deep Akihabara.

Thank you .

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