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There are many kinds of accommodations in Japan.
We think accommodation is the most important factor for sightseeing.


This is a newly-built Hotel in Akihabra area.
There are so beautiful rooms and the charge is inexpensive.
I totally recommend this Hotel.
It may take 5min. from Akihabara station to this Hotel.
This hotel is within easy access of Akihabara station.
I recommend you to make a reservation. --->[Reservation Page]



apa hotel otaku guide akihabara

There are a lot of hotels in Japan.
APA HOTELs are located near every station. 
The reason why we recommend this hotel is that the charge is inexpensive but services are good.
This is Otakuguide's favorite one !
I recommend you to make a reservation. --->[Reservation Page]




This hotel is also nice.
The charge is inexpensive but services are good.
Rooms are cleaned well.
I think this hotel is one nice choice.
I recommend you to make a reservation. --->[Reservation Page]


Dormy INN Akihabara

Dormy INN is one of famous Hotel chain in Japan.
This hotel is well cleaned and nice staff.
Otakuguide likes this hotel because there is HOT SPA !! Wonderful !!!
Here is Rservation form. --->[Reservation form]

gototop icon Akihabara otakuguide


This hostel is really nice for Otaku.
& AND HOSTEL has IoT room!!
You can experience up-to-date technology here!!!!
Otakuguide recommends to make a reservation beforehand.



This is one of nice hostels in Akihabara area.
There are well organized and cleaned.
You can save money in comparison with hotel charge.
And they sometimes hold events.
I recommend you to make a reservation.--->[Reservation Page]

gototop icon Akihabara otakuguide

Anshin Oyado ( 安心 お宿 )

This one is a capsule hotel in Akihabara area.
And it is really close to Akihabara station.
There are so many services for example desktop PC , mangas , tablet PC , charger , free drink service and nice amenities.
It has nice services but be mindful about room size.
Room size is 1m*1m*2m .
If you want to use this capsule hotel , I recommend you to make a reservation.
--->[Reservation Page]

gototop icon Akihabara otakuguide

Do you want to save money for accommodation charge?
Here is one nice way to save money instead of hotels or hostels.
In this case, Internet cafe ( also called Manga cafe ) is the best choice for you.
You can access to FREE Wi-Fi and you can use PCs , what's more , you can read tons of Mangas at Internet cafe ( Manga cafe ).

和 (Nagomi) (なごみ) style cafe


This cafe is completely different from other cafes.
The feature of 和 (Nagomi) style cafe is designed like Japanese traditional style.
This atmosphere is super cool like Kyoto.
Of course , you can use Internet , Manga , PC games , Shower Room and so on.
You can check what mangas they have. ----> [Mangas they have]
Their cute Staff sing nice Japanese 和 (wa) songs!!!
Please check it out !!!




Mangas naruto Akihabara

There are so many types of services in AI Cafe Akihabara ten.
Online PC Game , Board Game , VR and you can take a shower here.
 You can check what mangas they have. ---->  [Official Website]


快活 (KAIKATU) club Akihabara Eki Mae

This Internet cafe is really comfortable.
There are really nice services and clean.
You can rent a room wear just JPY300.
Moreover , you can use Cosmetic Table at this cafe.
It is important for women.
 You can check what mangas they have. ---->  [Official Website]


Manga Kissa Geragera (漫画喫茶 ゲラゲラ)

Manga Kissa Geragera Akihabara

Geragera is unique Manga cafe.
Store has gaming PC plan. (930JPY/3hr)
Dragons Dogma Online , Phantasy Star Online and Blade&Soul ...etc.
So many mangas and online PC game satisfy your Otaku Soul !!
You can check what mangas they have. ----> [Official Website]

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Are you interested in ? Please fill CONTACT form or give me a Direct
Message via Twitter , Facebook or LINE.

We are really happy to take you to deep Akihabara.

Thank you .

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