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This is the BANDAI official figure showroom in Akihabara.
TAMASHII NATIONS figures are really sophisticated.
Please visit here and check them.


Liberty Akihabara

liberty Akihabara 8 gou ten

One of my favorite stores in Akihabara.
There are so many well-conditioned anime figures!
Price is not so expensive.
There are so many liberty stores in Akihabara area.
Akihabara 1gou ten , 2 gou ten , 4 gou ten , 5 gou ten , 6 gou ten , 8 gou ten and 11 gou ten.
Liberty Akihabara 8 gou ten mainly focuses on anime figures.

Customers of Akihabara Genuine Otaku Guide Tour


Surugaya (駿河屋)

Surugaya (駿河屋) Akihabara

This store is also my favorite store in Akihabara.
They sell well-conditioned figures and cover so many animes.

Surugaya Akihabara Anime & Hobby ten has tons of anime figure and goods.
This is a fantastic store.

Surugaya Akihabara Eki Mae ten also has anime figures and this store has dojin goods and Idol goods.

Animate Akihabara

Animate Akihabara

Animate is really popular in the world.
This store sells many mangas and figures.
1F to 3F is manga section and 4F to 6F is anime goods.

Animate AKIBA Girls Station
This Animate is for women who like anime!
This store focuses on anime which women love.


Ami ami

Ami ami Akihabara

Ami ami is also popular in the world.
There are tons of anime figures and goods.

Ami ami Radio Kaikan ten 

Ami ami Akihabara ten 2nd

Volks Akihabara ( ボークス秋葉原 )

Volks Akihabara is huge building for OTAKU LIFE. (B1 to 7F)
There are anime goods , figures , trading cards and so on.
You can find a souvenir here!



kotobukiya Akihabara

Kotobukiya covers not only Japanese anime figures but also American anime figures.
This store is iconic so Otakuguide recommends a visit. 

Most famous figure store KOTOBUKIYA is a little bit difficult to find.
We introduce how to get there from Suehirocho Tokyo Metro Station. 

Akihabara GAMERS Honten

Akihabara Gamers

Akihabara Gamers has anime goods and anime songs.
If you like voice actors , this store is great for you.


GANKING Akihabara ten ( ガンキング 秋葉原店 )

akiba cultures zone ganking

This store has many anime figures incuding figmas.
Check Official Twitter Account here. --->[GANKING Akihabara ten]
Store is on the 4th floor in AKIBA CULTURES ZONE building.


ROBOT ROBOT Akihabara Radio Kaikan ten
(ROBOT ROBOT 秋葉原 ラジオ会館店)

There are anime figures , video game characters goods and US characters figures.
Store is on the 5th floor in Radio Kaikan building.


Kaiyoudo Hobby Lobby Tokyo ten ( 海洋堂 ホビー ロビー 東京店 )

Kaiyodo makes and sells their own high quality figures and capsule toys.
Check official website here ! ---> [Kaiyoudo Official Website]
You can feel how high quality their figures are.
This store is on the 5F in Radio Kaikan building.


Tam Tam Hobby Shop Akihabara ten ( タムタム ホビーショップ 秋葉原店 )

Tam Tam Akihabara

This store sells plastic models , RCs , model guns and model railways.
If you are interested in them , we recommend to visit here!


Kashibako Shouten Akihabara ten ( かしばこ商店 秋葉原店 )

This store sells anime figures and nice plastic cases for collecting figures.
Store is located next to KOTOBUKIYA.


Surpara shop Akihabara ten ( サーパラショップ 秋葉原店 )

If you like Touhou Project series , we recommend you to visit here!
Store sells goods and holds events.

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