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Arcade Game

Tons of arcade games in Akihabara

In Akihabara there are so many arcade games !
It's a kind of amusement park.

We call them "GAME CENTER". (ゲームセンター)
You can experience awesome and inspiring arcade games. 
Let's grab great EXPERIENCES !!
You will be absorbed in games !!!

SEGA Akihabara

Sega akihabara

This store has so many crane games and arcade games.
There are 4 SEGA stores.

Love Live Akihabara Sega

SEGA Akihabara 1goukan has crane games and arcade games.
SEGA Akihabara 2goukan has crane games and arcade games.
SEGA Akihabara 3goukan has crane games , arcade games , PURIKURA photo booth system , VR system (SEGA VR AREA AKIHABARA)  and cosplay costume rental services.
SEGA Akihabara 4goukan has crane games and arcade games.






Tokyo leisure land Akihabara (東京レジャーランド 秋葉原)

1F to 2F have crane games and 3F to 5F have arcade games.


Taito Station Akihabara

Taito station Akihabara

 There are arcade Games from 3F to 5F , 1F to 2F there are Crane Games.



There are new and classic arcade games here in ETERNAL AMUSEMENT TOWER.
They hold some events.

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