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Computer mother board Akihabara

Are you a Computer Geek ?

For Computer Geek , Akihabara is paradise!
There are so many PCs , Macintoshes , parts and softwares.
We can find well-conditioned but cheap price machines in Akihabara.
That is why I love Akihabara.
And Otakuguide like reparing PCs,Macs and digital gadgets.

Mac Collection

If you are a Macintosh User , I recommend "Mac Collection".
This store focuses on Macintosh and Apple Products. (iPad , iPhone , iPad)
I bought so many Macintoshes here because used machines are well-conditioned but cheap price.
And they do repair service.  If your Macintosh has trouble in Japan,  go to Mac Collection.

Akibakan (秋葉館)

Akibakan Akihabara

I also love this store because there are so many Macintosh and accessories.
This store is good for Macintosh Geek.


U&J Mac's

U&J Mac's Akihabara

There are classic Macintoshes and Mac Accessories.
Store also sells windows PCs and Accessories.

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HARD OFF Akihabara 1 gou ten

HARD OFF Akihabara 1 gou ten

HARD OFF is such a big part of my life lol.
They have lots of used and junk PCs , PC parts , Video games and lots of gadgets!
For me this store is a kind of treasure island.
Sometimes we can find well conditioned but really cheap one!
This store is a chain store , so we can find in lots of area in Japan.


Jan-gle Akihabara 3 gou ten (Jan-gle秋葉原3号店)

Jan-gle Akihabara

This store is really nice because the price is inexpensive.
There are unlocked iPhones , Smart phones , Macintosh and so on.

PCNET Akihabara Junk Dori Ten ( PCNET 秋葉原 ジャンク通り店)

PCNET Akihabara Junk Dori Ten ( PCNET 秋葉原 ジャンク通り店)

This store has so many used and junk PCs and Macintoshes.



Akiba Ushop Akihabara

There are used gaming consloe and PCs and so on.
One of my favorite store.

Janpara Akihabara ( じゃんぱら 秋葉原 )

There are new and used PCs and Audio & Visual goods.
This store is also famous for Japanese PC users.


Pasocom Kobo Akihabara BUY MORE ten ( パソコン工房 秋葉原 BUY MORE店 )

Pasocom Kobo Akihabara Buy More

There are PCs ,Macs and so many PC parts for making PC.
And store does PC repairing services.
If your laptop is broken , go to this store.

Shop Inverse Akihabara 2 gou ten

Shop Inverse Akihabara 2 gou ten

In this store , there are used and junk PCs and PC parts.
It is fun to find treasure here.
I like it !!!


Geno Akihabara ten


Geno is one of otakuguide's favorite store.
There are well-condtioned used PCs , PC accessories and Video Game consoles.
This store is located in the same building as HARD OFF.
Red sign board is GENO's.(秋葉原買取センター)


Sofmap 2gou ten Pasocom Sougoukan (ソフマップ 2号店 パソコン総合館)

Sofmap 2gou ten Pasocom Sougoukan (ソフマップ 2号店 パソコン総合館)

1F , there are gaming consoles. 
B1 , there are so many well-conditioned used PCs and Macs.


PC SHOP icon

pc shop icon akihabara

There are old and Junk PCs and accessories.
And store sells unlocked smartphones.

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Akibao ( あきばお〜 ) 7 gou ten

Akibao 7 gou ten Akihabara

There are many Akibao stores in Akihabara.
However I especially like 7 gou ten because they have lots of PC supplies and not expensive.
I recommend check this store.
There is inexpensive SD cards , SSDs and so on.


Pasocom Shop ark ( パソコンショップ ark )

Pasocom Shop ark ( パソコンショップ ark )

This store is one of my favorite PC parts shop because the price is cheaper.
Moreover this store has a wide selection of PC parts
(CPU , Memory , SSD , SD-card ..etc.)
I use this store since I was a child. 

Dospara Akihabara Honten ( ドスパラ 秋葉原 本店)

Dospara is famous coputer and computer accessories shop in Japan.
I often use this store.


Tsukumo eX.

Tsukumo is one store with a long history in Japanese.
There are PC case , PC parts , Server Parts and professional Videos.
I like this store.

THANKO RARE MONO SHOP ( サンコーレアモノショップ )

This store is a kind of funny digital gadgets store.
Orange banner store is Thanko RARE MONO SHOP.
Check Official website !!!

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Yodobashi Akiba

Yodobashi Akiba Akihabara

This is one giant home electronics retailer in Japan.
You can find anything you want.
There are restaurants , playing golf section and baseball batting practice center in Yodobashi Akiba.


bic camera akihabara

You can find BIC CAMERAs anywhere in Tokyo.

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G-tune Akihabara ten

gtune Akihabara ten

This store focuses on Gaming PCs !!
Store has nice spec machines for Gaming.
Gamer must check this store.

Sofmap 2gou ten Pasocom Sougoukan (ソフマップ 2号店 パソコン総合館)

Sofmap 2gou ten Pasocom Sougoukan (ソフマップ 2号店 パソコン総合館)

1F , there are gaming consoles. 
B1 , there are so many well-conditioned used PCs and Macs.

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e-earphone ( e イヤホン )

This store is also my favorite one.
There are so many earphones and headphones.
Moreover you can make customized eaphone only for your ear.
Japanese famous figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu loves this earphone.
Here is referencial page. ---->[Yuzuru Hanyu e-earphone]

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Geo Mobile Akihabara

There are so many iPhones and Smartphone.
You can find Unlocked model here.
And store sells Prepaid Sim Cards.
Moreover store do iPhone repairing.

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marutsu Akihabara Honten ( マルツ秋葉原本店 )

marutsu Akihabara Honten ( マルツ秋葉原本店 )

This store sells electronic components.
Check official website here ! ---> [marutsu Akihabara Honten]

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Thank you .

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