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Cosplayer's name : 風間召喚 & 風間秀人

A lot of costume and wig stores in Akihabara!

Otakuguide has lots of Cosplayer customers
Do u like Anime Characters or Video game Characters ?
You can be them !!!
In Akihabara, there are tons of costume stores , so you can find anything you want.
If you wanna buy cheaper nice costumes from online stores in Japan , please check this page.--->[Goods order Service]

 Hi, I'm RenaNina a cosplayer from Ecuador for the last 3 years, I'm also into propmaking, makeup and video/photo edition.
Cosplay its a hobby for me in my free time, my anime love started when I was a kid with animes like pokemon, digimon and sakura card captors since that I loved all of the japanesse culture, I started cosplay because one day I went to a Con and see all the people dressed as their favorite characters having fun, I want it to do it too 😂

My favorite kind of manga/anime is shounen and seinen, could say that in my list of favorite animes  is ruroiuni kenshin, evangelion, hunterxhunter, I also love videogames I played them since super nintendo (it was my first console) my favorites are TESV:skyrim and all the zelda franchise.

I love almost every part of cosplaying, since the process of creation of te costume, the makeup test to look alike, to act like the characters and to meet new people with same love for the character at the cons and having fun with my friends, in fact it have help me a lot to get new friends and be more social.
Cosplayer's name :RenaNina ( Facebook Instagram YouTube)
Cosplayer's name: ApoCosplay ( Facebook Twitter )
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