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ACOS Akihabara

Acos Akihabara

There are so many anime costumes , wigs and color contact lenses.
Otakuguide recommends you to visit ACOS Akihabra.
You can try costumes on here.
Check official website !!!  ----> [Official Website]
You can find what they sell now on this official website.
This store is AKIBA Cultures Zone Building.

COSPATIO Akihabara Honten

COSPATIO Akihabara Honten

This store is famous for cosplayers!!!
There are nice anime costumes and accessorys.
COSPA and COSPATIO are affiliated stores.

COSPATIO[2F]COSPA G STORE AKIBA ( コスパ ジーストア アキバ )[3F]
& 2JIGEN COSPA G STORE AKIBA ( 2次元 コスパ ジーストア アキバ ) [3F]

COSPA AKIHABARA [5F] & 2JIGEN COSPA AKIBA ten ( 2次元コスパ 秋葉原店 ) [4F]

[Polka Polka]


 Polka Polka is one of nice used costume stores in Akihabara.
 There are many kinds of costumes amdwigs at Polka Polka ,
 so you can find your favorite animation costume at a special price!

Don Quijote Akihabara ( ドンキホーテ 秋葉原店 )

There are so many costumes and anime goods here.
Otakuguide bought Dragon Ball Goku shirt here.
Especially there are lots of Sanrio Goods.
And you can buy them at a reasonable price.
Otakuguide recommends you to visit here.

Rashinban Akihabara ten shinkan

Rashinban Akihabara

 There are used and new costumes and accsessorys.

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