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Akihabara Gachapong Kaikan
( 秋葉原ガチャポン会館 )

akihabara gachapong kaikan

In this store , there are sooooooo many capsule toy machines.
Check official website here. ---> [Akihabara Gachapong Kaikan]
Otakuguide recommends you to visit here!
There are also COSPATIO [2F] and COSPA G STORE AKIBA[3F] here.
(famous cosplay costumes and goods stores)


How to use GASHAPON (GACHAPON) capsule toy machine.

1st , if you do not have JPY100 coin , you need to exchange your JPY to JPY100 coins.
2nd , insert JPY100 coins one by one.
(If Gashapon machine needs more than JPY200)
3rd , snap your wrist like a video above.
4th , GACHA GACHA (GASHA GASHA) PON!!! (check sound from my video)
5th , just wish your luck!!!
Here is my Gashapon blog. --->[GASHAPON Blog]

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Pictures by ApoCosplay ( Facebook Twitter

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