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Learn Japanese from Otakuguide

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Otakuguide likes to help people.
Needless to say , otakuguide likes to help learning Japanese language and culture. 

study learn Japanese from Otakuguide

Otakuguide always search for a best solution to teach.
Here is one answer to study Japanese.
We recommend using HelloTalk app for iOS and Android.

Please write sentences in English and Japanese.
Otakuguide will correct your sentences like a picture.
If you would like to study Japanese from Otakuguide , search "otakuguide"
on your HelloTalk app or add QR code below.

Otakuguide Hellotalk QR code

Moreover, Otakuguide correct your handwriting.

handwriting learn japanese from otakuguide line

Please send your handwriting via Instagram or Twitter or Facebook or LINE.
This is my LINE QR code.

Akihabara Otakuguide LINE QR code

Otakugide will correct as soon as possible!
This picture is a handwriting sentences a lady sent to me via LINE app.

handwriting learn japanese from otakuguide image

This one to one learning service is also completely free!!

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Otakuguide recommends these bilingual comics for your learning.
Because they have mangas , so you can imagine what they are doing.
If you wanna buy Japanese Books from Japanese Amazon.co.jp
Otakuguide will buy instead of you.
Here is Japanese Amazon Search Form.
Please feel free to use Contact form and ask me anything!


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Listening to music is one good way to boost your laerning Japanese.
Try to listen anime songs , idol songs and any song you like.


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Otakuguide recommends Japanese version Movies.
Because they have animation , so you can imagine what they are doing.
The link below is English version.
So please find Japanese version in your country.


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learning Japanese chihuahua chii

Are you interested in ? Please fill CONTACT form or give me a Direct
Message via Twitter , Facebook or LINE.

We are really happy to take you to deep Akihabara.

Thank you .

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