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There are so many MAIDs in Akihabara !

Otakuguide knows all maid cafes in Akihabara!

There are so many MAID services in Akihabara.
We choose Great one for you and take you.
You will feel Japanese MOE (萌え) culture here in Akihabara! 

Miko Kissa Akibatei ( 巫女喫茶 「秋葉亭」)

This cafe is a brand-new cute Miko style cafe. 

In Shinto, a miko (巫女) is a shrine (jinja) maiden or a supplementary priestess.Miko were once likely seen as a shaman but are understood in modern Japanese culture to be an institutionalized role in daily shrine life, trained to perform tasks, ranging from sacred cleansing to performing the sacred Kagura dance. 

The atmosphere is completely different from other maid cafes.
So Otakuguide really recommend you to visit here!
This experience will be your treasure in Akihabara sightseeing.
Miko Kissa Akibatei is located near Kanda Shrine.
If you visit Kanda shrine , please visit and relax here in Akibatei.
There are beautiful miko-sans and footbath (足湯) .
Your stress will be gone away!!!!

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Otakuguide especially likes Mononopu !!!
The reason why we recommend is they are so kind and friendly.
They always treat us well.
And their costume is cute samurai era costume. 

Mononopu maid cafe pikachu omlet Akihabara

 Maids made a nice Pikachu Omlet!

My favorite Maid cafe Mononopu and favorite earphone store E-earphone is difficult to find for the first time.
So, otakuguide made a route guide video and map here.

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shinobazu cafe Akihabara

This cafe is a Ninja style cafe.
And they give a great performance in restaurant. 
Check Youtube Channel here. ----> [ Shinobazu Cafe YouTube Channel ]

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Maidreamin (めいどりーみん)

maidreamin maid Akihabara

This Maid cafe is famous in Japan.
You can find in Osaka , Nagoya and Fukuoka.
Their costume is cute.
You will feel Otaku Life.
There are 7 Maidreamin in AKihabara. Check [Official website] .
I recommend Akihabara LIVE RESTAURANT Heaven’s Gate ten.
Because they do min Live show here.
Check live show schedul here. ----> [Schedule]

maidreamin akihabara menu

Maidreamin Akihabara Honten

Maidreamin Akihabara LIVE RESTAURANT Heaven’s Gate

@ home cafe Akihabara honten

at home cafe Akihabara

Otakuguide was so suprised that this is maid cafe building.
3F to 7F is @ home cafe lol
They have youtube channel , check it. ---> [@home cafe youtube channel]
We think you will be surprised too.

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Gakuen Maid Cafe Bar HEART OF HEARTS Akihabara

This Maid cafe is unique.
The concept is Japanese School Classroom.
You can experience Japanese School Life like anime.
You can also take a Japanese exam here lol (it's not real exam).
And they serve nice cocktails.

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StarLight Novel Akihabara

StarLight Novel Akihabara

This cafe is also unique.
The concept is a starry sky , the atomosphere is nice.

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This cafe is cute pirates style cafe.
The store is like a pirate ship and costume is pirate style.
It reminds us of "ONE PIECE".

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Albus cafe bar ad

In this cafe&bar , cosplayers work.
So this is nice choice for people who like cosplayers.

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This maid cafe is real maid style.
It is different from other maid cafes.

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Thank you .

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