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Manga Cafe

Do you wanna save money for accommodation?
There is a nice way to save money instead of hotels or hostels.
In this case, Internet cafe ( also called Manga cafe ) is the best for you.
You can access to FREE Wi-Fi and you can use PCs , what's more , you can read tons of Mangas at Internet cafe ( Manga cafe ).

There are a lot of Internet cafes in Akihabara .
We PICKED OUT nice cafes.

The important rule in Internet Cafe ( Manga cafe) Please be quiet in Cafe , some people take a nap.

和 (Nagomi) (なごみ) style cafe


This cafe is completely different from other cafes.
The feature of 和 (Nagomi) style cafe is designed like Japanese traditional style.
This atmosphere is super cool like Kyoto.
Of course , you can use Internet , Manga , PC games , Shower Room and so on.
You can check what mangas they have. ----> [Mangas they have]
Their cute Staff sing nice Japanese 和 (wa) songs!!!
Please check it out !!!


There are so many types of services in AI Cafe Akihabara ten.
Online PC Game , Board Game , VR and you can take a shower here.
 You can check what mangas they have. ---->  [Official Website]

快活 (KAIKATU) club Akihabara Eki Mae

This Internet cafe is really comfortable.
There are really nice services and clean.
You can rent a room wear just JPY300.
Moreover , you can use Cosmetic Table at this cafe.
It is important for women.
 You can check what mangas they have. ---->  [Official Website]

Mangas naruto Akihabara

Manga Kissa Geragera (漫画喫茶 ゲラゲラ)

Manga Kissa Geragera Akihabara

Geragera is unique Manga cafe.
Store has gaming PC plan. (930JPY/3hr)
Dragons Dogma Online , Phantasy Star Online and Blade&Soul ...etc.
So many mangas and online PC game satisfy your Otaku Soul !!
You can check what mangas they have. ----> [Official Website]

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