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Otakuguide Special Tour Map

Otakuguide made original Route Map here !!!

This route is the easiest way to check many stores in Akihabara.
However this does not cover all stores.
(This does not cover Kotobukiya and so on.)

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Here is Otakuguide's original route covering almost all of stores in Akihabara!!

This route covers almost all of stores we introduce on this otakuguide website!!
There are soooooooo many stores in Akihabara and it is like a maze.
Otakuguide recommend you to print out this map!!
Occasionally , GPS does not work properly.

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Most famous figure store KOTOBUKIYA is a little bit difficult to find.
We introduce how to get there from Suehirocho Tokyo Metro Station. 

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My favorite Maid cafe Mononopu and favorite earphone store E-earphone is difficult to find for the first time.
So, otakuguide made a route guide video here.

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We are really happy to take you to deep Akihabara.

Thank you .

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