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Otakuguide promotes you !

Otakuguide promotion Akihabara

We promote your Otaku dream!

Otakuguide likes to help people.
We promote your Otaku dream!
Wanna be a cartoonist , an animator or retro game shop owner etc.
On this page , we introduce people who wanna make their otaku dream true!!!
Please follow them and give them your kind comments.

Kuro profile image otakuguide promotion

Hi I'm Kuro!
I like to draw a bit, though I'm not very good yet.
I'm studying art and animation at the moment to improve myself.
I wanna be an animator in Japan in the near future!

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Are you interested in ? Please fill CONTACT form or give me a Direct
Message via Twitter , Facebook or LINE.

We are really happy to take you to deep Akihabara.

Thank you .

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