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Video Game

Otakuguide loves Video Game (Newest and Classics)

Akihabara is really great for Video Gamers.
There are a lot of old and new gaming consoles , softwares.
If you are interested in old gaming consoles like SEGA GENESIS ,
Akihabara will be your wonderland.
You can find them cheaper.
However it is importan that consoles in Japanese model have region lock , you need to unlock region lock.

SUPER POTATO Akihabara ten

Super potato Akihabara ten has tons of retro video games.
Super potato is Super nice for retro video gamers.
I think here is a paradise for you.
Store also sells retro game accessories.
Of course there are many rare consoles and softwares here.
Otakuguide really recommend you to visit SUPER POTATO!!!

Retoro Game Camp (レトロゲームキャンプ)

Retoro Game Camp (レトロゲームキャンプ)

This store has lots of old classic video game softwares and consoles.
I love this store because staff is really kind.

HARD OFF Akihabara 1gou ten

HARD OFF Akihabara 1gou ten

They have lots of used and junk PCs , PC parts , Video games and lots of gadgets!
For me this store is a kind of treasure island.
Sometimes we can find well-conditioned but really cheap one!
This store is a chain store , so we can find in lots of area in Japan.

TRADER Honten (トレーダー 本店)

Trader honten Akihabara

This store has so many modern video game softwares and consoles.
Store also has a lot of old classic softwares and consoles.
Moreover store has Anime DVD and Blu-ray corner.
5th floor has PC game softwares.

Surugaya Game Kan

Surugaya Akihabara ten Game Kan

Surugaya is one really famous retro game store in Japan.
There are so many retro video games and arcade game board.

f-zero gameboy advance otakuguide

OtakuGuide loves F-ZERO series.

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